Mindset in Movement

Who loves March Madness as much as I do?!

Hands down the best time of the year in my opinion!

I love to see if athletes can mentally withstand the pressure of performing in one of the most competitive environments they will ever experience… It’s one of the best indicators of mental toughness.

Seeing top athletes, teams, & even coaches crumbling under pressure… and not because they are not physically in the best shape of their lives or they haven’t practiced every play in the book but because their mindset is falling short.

“Ask any athlete how important the mental side of sports is compared to the physical & most would say IT IS JUST AS important if not more.”

Despite the obvious importance, the mental strength and mindset side of sports is neglected. This is one of the biggest mistakes that coaches and athletes make - would you wait to get injured before you train physically? I would hope not. We train our bodies to prevent injuries so why wouldn’t the same be the case for training your mind? Hopefully I’ve got you “thinking” a bit.



As in any area of performance in sports, being committed, working hard, and staying patient while remaining consistent are key to seeing any improvements in mental strength. Most individuals will say they need to improve their mental game but don’t know where to start. To give you a little insight into how we start with athletes, see the 5 M’s of Mindset. These are applied to performance but as you can imagine, many of these principles can be used to increase awareness & improve performance in everyday life!

THE 5 M’s

MENTALITY starts with empowering athletes to view their athletic performance & experiences in a more positive and healthy way through 5 mental strength principles that form the starting point for our “Mentality” framework - IDENTIFY, CONFRONT, ACT, STABILIZE, ASSESS.

MOUNTAINS are obstacles in the way of getting us where we want to go. In sports, they most likely come in the form of EXPECTATIONS, FEAR of failure, PAST experiences & EMOTIONS. Through conquering and processing some of these challenges, athletes can expect to see increased awareness and improvements in their overall performance.

MIND STATE also known as FLOW is essential for athletes to perform at their best. By taking a closer look at motivation, awareness, confidence & intensity we bring some of the unconscious into consciousness for a more clear and sustainable state of being “in the zone.” “Clear mind, full heart, can’t lose?”

MOVEMENT involves supporting athletes in a healthy way to get the most out of their physical training efforts. Guiding athletes towards experiencing positive outcomes and advancement towards their athletic goals in relation to their training creates more consistency, fresh perspectives, and more quality outcomes. When athletes train like they compete physically and mentally, positive outcomes and success will follow.

MENTAL TOOL BOX includes step by step exercises and tools for athletes to pull from. It is one of the most important components in our program because it gives competitors practical strategies and support to make sure they are prepared to perform at their best in any situation. Tools such as relaxation and breathing techniques, imagery, visualization, and self-talk are aimed at helping achieve and sustain the optimal mindset and physical state to see results and reach goals.

I will say that this method is not fool proof. Each athlete, coach, and team I work with has different dynamics, strengths, and weaknesses. The purpose of utilizing this method is to increase awareness in all areas of performance. When we increase awareness, athletes start to believe in their abilities & invest in themselves by putting what they are learning to work in practices and competitions. Our ultimate goal is to get individuals to a point where they train their mind perform “with” them, not against them.

We would love to hear your thoughts on Mindset in Movement. I know many of you are former athletes or clients of mine. Feel free to drop a comment below!

Be kind to one another,