the magnifying glass mindset

We all walk around with one.

A magnifying glass. You may not realize it but we carry one with us every day. In our interactions, daily life, when we look at the world around us and when we look at ourselves. We unconsciously use this magnifying glass.

The real question is … WHAT ARE YOU FOCUSING ON WITH YOURS? 

The way we answer this question says a lot about us. There are days where I know I magnify the wrong things. We ALL do! I also know that what we chose to magnify, we get MORE of.

If we magnify the past or negatives in our lives, we will get more negativity. And the reality is, when things are going wrong it is easy to focus on the negatives right? If you operate from a perspective that focuses on the negative, you will always operate from a deficit.

The real trick is to find the positive and magnify it. Seems simple but definitely easier said than done! Remember to take your time. 

Look closer, think deeper, dig just a little further to get to it. Fix your focus on the good, even if it's small - that strength will magnify, maybe even MULTIPLY. 

Your life may not be what you want it to be right at this moment but if you start to support your achievements instead of criticizing yourself for past failures, you can create change moving forward. 

Bottom line.

Our life is compiled of things we choose to focus on and magnify. Good, bad, ugly, past, present, future... all create our perspective.

Choose to magnify things that are hard to see during challenging times.

Choose to magnify love in the midst of hate.

Choose to magnify the successes over the failures.

& most of all, choose to focus on your present self instead of your past.

Create a life worth magnifying and you will get more of that great life in return. 

Be kind to one another.. & yourself,